After supporting dozens of hospital births, I now only work with families choosing home birth.

Dad receiving baby

Dad receiving baby

During our prenatal meetings we talk in depth about your birthing wishes, postpartum plans and breastfeeding. We also spend time getting to know one another, and share at least one meal together. In your birth I serve you in your birthing power by offering support and guidance as desired, as you move through your unique birth process.

If you are birthing in the hospital system or birthing center I give you vital information about hospital/birth center protocol, routine interventions preformed on mom and baby, and how to best optimize your experience. Please see my Hospital Birth 101 course for more information on preparing for a hospital birth.

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Breastfeeding Support

During a breastfeeding consult. I assess a feeding and provide you with practical techniques and resources. Together we make a plan that suits the needs of you and your baby. After our initial visit I offer support via email and phone throughout your breastfeeding journey. 


Relaxation & Lactation:

Boosting confidence and initiating relaxation are highly effective in reducing feelings of inadequacy and exhaustion in the postpartum period. I teach laid-back breastfeeding also known as biological breastfeeding, and incorporate positive affirmations during our session to promote the production of oxytocin, helping you feel happier and at ease as you feed your newborn.