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Sept/Oct 2019

Investment: $35

*To reserve you spot, Venmo @Isabella-Malbin. Please specify your preferred workshop date and include your email address on the memo. Limited spots available.

The workshop location is wheelchair accessible and near the following trains: B,D,F,M (Broadway-Lafayette), A,C,E (West 4th), N,R,W (8th street) & 6 (Astor Place or Bleecker Street). Exact address sent upon receiving the investment.

Our mission is to use education as preventative care, encouraging individuals to make informed choices about their health.  We strive to spread unbiased reproductive health information so that we all feel more secure, safe, and alive in our bodies.

The Fifth Vital Sign Modern Day Doula

The Fifth Vital Sign workshop covers:

• Menstrual cycle awareness and charting
• Hormonal and non-hormonal contraception
• Menstrual care products
• Breast/chest awareness
• Diet and lifestyle choices for hormonal health
• How to discuss options with your health care provider

This class is applicable and important for everyone from adolescents to adults with questions about reproductive health. We consider the menstrual cycle to be a vital sign, as important as blood pressure or pulse in telling you how your body is doing.

Our hope is that by better understanding the menstrual cycle and viewing it as an indicator of health, people will:

• Feel more secure, safe, and connected to their bodies, especially during times of transition, like pregnancy and menopause, and during illness
• Be able to come to their healthcare providers with more detailed information about their bodies, and more specific questions to contribute to their care
• Make birth control & reproductive health decisions with self awareness
• Dissipate the culture of shame and embarrassment around menstruation, especially for people during their first period, or menarche

Drawing by  Cindy Ji Hye Kim

Drawing by Cindy Ji Hye Kim


Small group reproductive health workshops and one-on-ones available upon request. Virtual consultations available. Workshops are open to people of all genders. Partners are encouraged to attend.

This interactive experience will leave you feeling empowered and informed.

Instagram: thefifthvitalsign
Facebook: The Fifth Vital Sign 

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