Personalized Reproductive Health Sessions for Every Woman.

*Virtual consultations available.

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I work with women from adolescents to adults with questions about their reproductive health. I understand the menstrual cycle to be a vital sign, as important as blood pressure or pulse in telling you how your body is doing. By understanding the menstrual cycle my hope is women to feel more connected to their bodies. With the information gathered from charting their cycles, women can go to their health care providers as an active team member, giving detailed information about what they observe. The bio-signs don’t lie! By practicing body literacy it is my hope that women gain more self awareness and feel in control of their health.

I offer education as preventative care and promote informed decision making around women’s bodies. Topics covered in our sessions:

• Menstrual cycle awareness and charting
• Hormonal and non-hormonal contraception
• Menstrual care products
• Breast awareness
• Diet and lifestyle choices for hormonal health
• How to discuss options with your health care provider

Drawing by  Cindy Ji Hye Kim

Drawing by Cindy Ji Hye Kim

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