Hospital Birth 101: How To Optimize Your Hospital Experience

Are you planning to give birth in a hospital? Want to learn tools to advocate for yourself and your baby?

Whether you are planning a medicated or unmedicated birth, in our sessions you will gain insight as to what commonly occurs in a hospital and how to optimize your hospital experience, from communicating effectively with your provider, to arranging the bed and equipment in the birthing room. Most importantly you will learn how to become your best advocate before, during and after birth. This series is offered online or in person in NYC.

Session 1:

  • Implied Consent v. Informed Consent 

  • Understanding your provider’s role: Traditional Midwife / Hospital Midwife / Obstetrician

  • Hospital Policy v. State Law 

  • Balancing Expectations with Reality 

  • Review of routine interventions on mom and baby during pregnancy, birth & postpartum

  • Drafting Your Unique Birth Preferences 

Session 2:

  • Communication Techniques

  • Role Play Exercise

  • Triage & Postpartum rooms - What to Expect

  • Maximizing space and comfort in the birthing room

  • Role of the birth companion / partner / doula

  • Review of Your Unique Birth Preferences

Each session is 2hrs. We meet on Zoom or in-person in your home. Please download the Zoom app before our call. It’s free and easy to install!

*For rates and availability please contact Isabella here.

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As a birth doula I have extensive experience supporting families in hospitals, birthing centers and at home throughout NYC. If you are planning to give birth in a hospital that is not on the list, you will receive statistics and specific policy information in an email before our first session.


I’ve supported births in the following locations:

New York–Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital (LOMA)

Lenox Hill


Mount Sinai East

Mount Sinai West (formerly Roosevelt)

Mount Sinai Beth Israel


NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell

N.Y.U. Langone



NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist

Long Island Jewish

Flushing Hospital

New York–Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Birthing Center

Brooklyn Birthing Center