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Why Hire a Postpartum Doula?

Support and compassionate care are essential to the health of new parents and their babies, especially in the first few weeks following birth.  A postpartum doula, helps you and your baby establish a routine with ease and a sense of calm. A postpartum doula focuses on the new mother’s needs as well as the newborn’s.

Whether you're adjusting to life with a newborn or are looking for back-to-work support, postpartum packages look different for each family. I can greet you and your newborn at your home or birth location, guide you through baby-wearing, newborn care, nursery organization and help you nourish yourself. Nourishing new parents is essential to achieving a happy postpartum period. I can spend time with your baby so you can rest and offer assistance with after-birth healing and emotional support. Family and friends may respond to the new arrival with the perfectly timed call, visit, meal, gift, and set of helping hands. Some visitors unintentionally place stress on the new parents. A postpartum doula can help fill in the gaps and gently guide the extended family if needed, facilitating a smooth and rewarding transition.

A postpartum doula nurtures the mother by offering practical assistance as well as emotional support, enabling a faster recovery and increased confidence in meeting the challenges of parenthood, including but not limited to:

  • Healing after birth

  • Adjusting to new family dynamics

  • Adjusting to new circadian rhythms

Each person and their family have different needs that may change from day to day. Each new day is an opportunity to formulate a plan for the shift, and can include anything that feels supportive inside the home or hospital. Examples:

  • Lactation support

  • Spending time with your baby so you can rest & recharge

  • Basic household tasks, nursery organization (does not include heavy cleaning or pet care)

  • Assistance with after-birth healing (physical healing, birth processing & emotional support)

  • Baby care and facilitating babywearing

  • Milk expression logistics and support

  • Discussing healthy sleep patterns

  • Helping facilitate bonding between older siblings & new baby

I accommodate your schedule by working morning, afternoon and evening shifts. 

  • Early Morning: A chance for you and your partner to rest after a long night.

  • Afternoon/Evening: Time for you to rest, shower and recharge, while I take baby on a walk or tend to your home while baby naps.

Baby A in the Moby Wrap

Baby A in the Moby Wrap


Baby-Wearing Experience:

Woven Wrap

Stretchy Wrap (Moby, Boba, Baby Katan)

Soft Structure Baby Carrier (Lillle, Ergo)

Ring Sling

Mei Tai








Back-to-work postpartum packages include: 

  • Pumping logistics and support 

  • Discussing healthy sleep patterns for you and baby 

  • Choosing childcare 

  • Communicating effectively with your partner 

  • Time management

  • And much more! 

*Please inquire for Postpartum rates.