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Baby Charlotte seconds old, with her amazing parents!

Baby Charlotte seconds old, with her amazing parents!

“Our family is so grateful to have had Isabella as part of our birth team. With her help, we were able to achieve our goal of a 100% medication free, natural birth. It was absolutely the greatest experience of our lives. Birth is hard work and Isabella was there to help and support us the entire time. She had various methods that helped me throughout labor including different positions, essential oils, and hydration reminders that kept me going. Isabella also educated us through our meetings before and after the birth - she is incredibly knowledgeable and I found our meetings enlightening. She opened our eyes to things that we didn’t know or wouldn’t expect in preparation for having a natural birth in a hospital setting. With her guidance, we knew how to manage the hospital staff to achieve the birth we wanted. She was incredibly helpful afterward as well and checked in regularly to help with breastfeeding positions and baby wearing. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula who wants to have a natural birth experience (or whatever type of birth you would like to have!). Isabella is passionate about birth and she loves what she does - that really shines through. Birth is a deeply personal and rewarding experience and we are so thankful to have shared it with Isabella.” Elizabeth & Adam  

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"Isabella was the reason we were able to have the unmedicated birth we wanted in a hospital setting. Without her emotional support, I was ready to ask for an epidural, but she gently made the right suggestions to get us through the most difficult humps of labor. She also was able to respect and honor the decisions we made with our care providers when we needed to adjust our birth plan to accommodate shifts in baby's condition. Her HypnoBirthing® expertise ensured we were well-prepared on birthing day and mentally grounded when labor commenced." - Devon & Brandon

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"Looking back on the recent birth of our first son, my wife and I are in total agreement that Isabella was an invaluable member of our team.  Her steady, calm and compassionate manner guided us not only through the laboring process, but also though the prenatal and postpartum phases as well. Throughout the process, Isabella was supportive and knowledgeable, and listened to our wishes while making sure that we were able to achieve our goal of having a natural childbirth.  From the initial prenatal visits, Isabella shared much knowledge and tips for an unmedicated approach to labor.  During labor she guided us through contractions the entire time with amazing natural pain relief methods that helped massively! The labor, delivery and the recovery processes was shortened tremendously by hiring a doula, and we could not have achieved what we desired without the support. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any family expecting an addition. My wife and I will always cherish the support Isabella gave us on our most special day!" -Jerrell & Will


"I was delighted to meet Isabella shortly after giving birth to my second son in July 2016. We hired her immediately as our postpartum doula, to ease our transition into life as a family of four. Isabella brought a wonderful, calming energy into our home and was able to truly "do it all" - whether that was playing with my older son, helping with household tasks, or looking after my 5 week old baby so I could exercise or sleep. She was also very supportive of breastfeeding and helped my transition to pumped milk bottles, and my baby's first experience with the bottle. I highly recommend Isabella for postpartum support and care." -Second time mom


"When I think back on the day of our daughter's birth, one of my fondest memories is of Isabella's support and help.  My husband and I decided to look for a doula just a few weeks before my due date, and I was concerned that we might not find the right person.  However, from the first moment we spoke on the phone, I knew Isabella was a perfect fit for our family.  Isabella provided us with helpful information and constant support beginning at our first appointment through our post-partum meeting.  She was available via email, phone, or text at any hour of the day or night, and I felt comforted knowing that she was available. On the day of our daughter's birth, Isabella supported us as we labored at home, giving us peace of mind as we worked to stay at home as long as possible.  She helped us get to the hospital safely and to navigate pain management once we were there.  Additionally, she stayed after the birth to make sure our daughter latched and that we were settled in the hospital room. I am very happy with the experience we had with Isabella, and I would readily hire her to be our doula a second time if we are able to get pregnant again." -Milla


"We were sorry to miss the last class yesterday but after a crazy start to the week when we were told we should get induced, it couldn’t have ended better with the arrival of our gorgeous boy Jonny Col (named after his grandads). All happy and healthy. I just wanted to say you’ve all got this! Despite having various medications to start the process I was able to utilize the hypnobirthing tracks (affirmations worked best for me and had them on constant repeat during surges) and all the  breathing techniques, to have a pain medication free birth, as planned. Despite some “I’ll just explain what we need to do in case you change your mind about an epidural” the staff were respectful of our choices and you could tell were impressed by our ability to stay calm despite the discomfort I experienced. Neil was the most amazing support person and I wish you all the best. Thanks again Isabella for your support at this time also, we really appreciated it."  -Parents from my group HypnoBirthing Classs

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“It is difficult to express in words the depth of our gratitude for Isabella. Isabella is passionate about what she does and she has a gift for supporting women through arguably one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. A number of adjectives to describe Isabella quickly come to mind: kind, thoughtful, patient, bright, professional, extremely knowledgeable, respectful, open-minded, flexible, proactive, dependable, non-judgmental. She is also a great teacher. If you are able to have Isabella in your corner during any stage of bringing your baby into this world, I consider you extremely lucky.” -Jen & Colleen

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“Isabella was the most amazing doula I could have asked for. In the months leading up to my guess birthing date she met with me and my husband several times to prepare us for the birth itself and postpartum period. I had a very challenging labor that lasted almost 44 hours. Isabella was there to guide me through the process with lots of techniques for encouraging progression of labor and managing discomfort. I also believe that she was instrumental in enabling me to start the breast feeding process. Circumstances were such that without her help and hands on assistance I would have been unable to pump colostrum and insist on keeping my newborn off formula (something very aggressive pediatricians were insisting on immediately after birth). Her encouragement and expertise made it possible for me to work through some initial issues with establishing successful breastfeeding. I recommend her wholeheartedly to all expecting women and particularly those interested in a physiologic birth experience.” -Veronica

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“My husband and I were so incredibly fortunate to have Isabella at the birth of our daughter, Lily. Isabella was a guiding light before & during labor, enabling me to have the medication free, natural birth I'd always hoped for. During the labour I was completely in the zone, Isabella was a very gentle presence helping me through each stage, performing massage, hydration, oils, suggestions of positions and always checking in if the DR's wanted to do something I was unsure of.  We also had Isabella postpartum and this was equally as valuable as for the birth, itself as she has such an in-depth knowledge about birthing & newborn care/breastfeeding. It's a time when your world is turned upside down and especially for us, not having my parents in the US. She was there for us, every step of the way in the early days with our new baby. From her extensive knowledge to simply bringing us breakfast or teaching us tricks to get Lily to sleep, she was a joy to have with us during that special time. I always felt 100% comfortable sharing these very intimate experiences with her and she's absolutely non-judgemental, simply there to help you achieve what's most important to you. I could not recommend her services more highly!”


"Isabella was invaluable to our labor, delivery, and postpartum transition. Her commitment to always continuing her education and research impressed me the most. Approaching childbirth for the first time can be daunting. With expertise in the methods to support mothers best, Isabella gave me a tremendous amount of resources, attentive care and confidence. I honestly cannot imagine having gone through labor and afterbirth without her by my side. I would hire her again without the slightest hesitation." -Pamela

“Isabella has a heart of gold! I was lucky to have her come and be with me when I was post birth. She was kind and wonderful with both me and my daughter. I wanted her to keep coming but at a certain point my daughter was no longer a tiny baby... I highly recommend her to any mother as I am truly an admirer of Isabella. We even named one of our dolls after her!!!” - Leat


“Isabella is incredible - her calm presence and gentle approach was so helpful during the entire process. I'm very glad we worked with her and looking forward to doing so in the future! Thank you!”- Faraz & Mehr

“My partner and I were introduced to Isabella through our search for a private Hypnobirthing coach and I thank the universe we were brought together. Isabella was an amazing birth and pregnancy sherpa, guiding us through practicing hypnobirthing and then through our sons birth. It is her support that enabled us to have the birth that we wanted, (not so easily achievable in NY) and I believe her guidence meant my pregnancy was very calm and balanced as well. On the day, Isabella was a beautiful calm presence in the room and worked well with the hospital staff, advocating and reminding us the impact of each option offered by the hospital. I would 100% recommend Modern Day Doula to any woman who desires a natural birth in New York City.” -Claire